Contingency map

Oil spill contingency planning

Foru Solution provides the skills as well as the tools to help you to be prepared for spills and to react to spills instantly. You will be able to respond when spills occur in an efficient and user friendly but sophisticated manner. 

Be prepared

We believe that the key to environmental protection and keeping up your good name is in the prevention of accidents and spills. Still accidents happen. If an accident with associated spills happens, contamination and control of the situation is crucial. Making sure that accidents with limited spills don’t turn into environmental disasters is what we stand for.

Prevention & preparedness

Working on a contingency plan has the advantage that you’ll be on top of external and internal oil spill risks. You will know which preventions are required in order to be better prepared in case of an oil spill.


With modern oil spill equipment and software tools we know how to predict in field cleanup conditions. Our engineers with 10 years of on scene experience keep guard to keep predictions practical and realistic. The software consists of oil spill trajectory, on scene equipment performance simulations and asset management. Knowing what your quick response will be in a worst case scenario.

Oil spill crisis management

A good and complete contingency plan will provide structure to the crisis management. It gives the location manager structure in a real oil spill situation that he probably never experienced before. He’ll know when and who he needs to call for help. As a result he’ll know which government units need to be alerted. Support decisions are crucial during oil spills.

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