Three step Training program

Foru Solution provides the skills to help you to be prepared for marine oil spills and to react to spills instantly when they occur in an efficient and user friendly manner. With an international focus, we serve clients in oil production, oil storage and oil transport.
Foru believes that the key to environmental protection and keeping up your good name is in the prevention of accidents and spills. If an oil spill occurs, containment and control of the situation is crucial. Making sure that accidents with limited spills don’t turn into environmental catastrophes is what FORU stands for.
Our training courses are model OPRC type courses. We have made these courses specific levels for the responder and the commander. Separate courses or tailor made courses can be provided on request.



Basic theoretical training​


To learn the theoretical basics we developed a online e-learning environment. This means that you learn the basics anywhere and whenever it suits you. Every module ends with an online or on site evaluation test. Additional help or guidance can be provided.

The Responder
In step one of the training program you will learn all the basics for oil spill response. This training course includes level zero and level one of the OPRC model course. It will give the responding team all the information they need to safe and successful combat an oil spill. 

The commander
In addition to the oil spill response basics you’ll be trained in the basics of tactical and strategical knowledge. The main body of this course is focused on the activities within an incident command center. It is designed to prepare and assist you in the management of a response to a
marine pollution incident. 


Situational training


This training encompasses all customer specific on site situation. For example if you have heavy currents in your location this training will include in depth information about oil spill cleanup in this specific situation. All this prepares you for step 3 in our training steps.

The Responder
Learn with our trainer what equipment you have and how to use that specific equipment in your environment. For example transporting, connecting and starting up hydraulic powerpacks safely.

The commander
You will learn with our trainer what equipment to use when. You also learn what logistical problems your environment can produce and where you will need to send your responders.


Scenario based training


This final step in your training will include one or more scenario’s developed specifically for your situation by our trainer. The commander and reponder have to work together to clean up a hypothetical marine oil spill. To do this you can apply the stuff you will have learnt in step 1 and 2 of our training program.

After the scenario you’ll have a guided evaluation moment to asses your learning goals for the next time. Because the cycle of prevent-prepare-respond can always be en proved.

Depending on your specific needs we will advise you on future training needs.  

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