Total Solution

Foru Solution offers you a total solution in the field of oil disasters. In addition to the in-house developed FORU 70 and FORU 340 weir skimmers, you can also contact us for training, contingency planning and asset management. We also offer you the complete package in terms of equipment. This includes booms, bladders, power packs and of course one of our mechanical down-draft systems. These are designed for near shore, harbor, river, lake and offshore conditions.

functions in rough water

The smart buoy design in combination with the position of the center of gravity, makes the FORU stick to the waves, maintaining its high efficiency.

High Capacity

The FORU can recover up to 340 m3/h (90,000 US GPH) with an oil recovery ratio of 75 – 100 percent

Easy to operate

The FORU systems are easy to maintain. Because of smart design only a few bolts need to be loosened for applying maintenance.

innovation of technology

Foru-Solution invests in innovation. Our employees are given every opportunity to initiate innovation. The aim is to use innovative product development to find new solutions to keep our seas clean.

We work with 3D CAD and CFD-simulation software to support product development and speed up the engineering processes. The aim is to add simplicity and fail- safe features to our designs. Therefore little training is required to operate our equipment. With intensive testing and engineering, our designs are fine-tuned to meet the high standards needed in oil spill response equipment.

Our team is multidisciplinary; combining our knowhow. We have short lines between development and implementation. Product developers contribute in the assembly of prototypes and the execution of oil recovery tests.

a clear

Smart design

Our systems are designed to be easy to use, maintain and clean. Because of these features our down-draft systems have a high availability in case of an oil spill. Your personnel needs little training to work with our equipment. Due to smart engineering our down-draft systems are easy to disassemble and clean.

Robust system

The FORU down-draft systems are designed to function in rough waters. The smart designed buoy-shape makes the FORU stick to the waves. Our systems are made of high grade materials and are 100% mechanical to withstand severe offshore conditions.

100% made in HOLLAND

Our systems are 100% engineered and assembled in The Netherlands to guarantee that our products meet the highest quality standards.

Oil spills occur, it is not if … but when..

harlingen (NL)

Foru-Solution is based in Harlingen, The Netherlands, in the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Waddensea. Foru-Solution develops preventive measures against pollution of oceans, seas, lakes and rivers worldwide.

We want to prevent subsequent damage to our maritime flora and fauna, thus enabling us to pass our world in good condition to our future generations.

The worldwide increasing demand for oil and refined oil products is leading to more offshore drilling, transport and storage of oil. We provide innovative technical solutions to adequately treat any oil calamity anywhere in the world.

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