Down Draft skimmer

The FORU-20 is the smallest version of our floating oil recovery unit.  It is combined with an external pump on board, in a truck or on the side of the water. With it’s small draft and versitile options it is a flexible unit that fits a lot of use cases.


Recovers up to 20 m³/h (depending on external pump)


Down-draft principle, adjustable inlet gap of 360° perimeter


500 mm (19.7”)


75 kg (165.5 lbs) empty / 200 kg (440 lbs) in water


External, Hydraulic Lobe Pump available from FORU


Single lifting eye / Liftable with 2 persons


Ø 1080 x 587 mm (Ø 42.5″ x 23.1”)

The Ultimate harbour Solution

Small, agile and safe. The FORU-20 is made from durable polyethylene, marine grade aluminum and stainless steel materials.




Oil spills occur daily and rapid response is essential to prevent damage to the environment. FORU-Solution presents its latest innovative technology: the FORU-20. The FORU (Floating Oil Recovery Unit) is a unique oil recovery device. It is a skimmer based on the latest technological developments with a down-draft system that performs skimming activities. It’s shape makes it free-floating, becoming one with the waves and ready to function under rough circumstances.

The FORU-20 is the smallest version of our innovative downdraft skimmer system, specially designed for the sensitive shallow parts of the Wadden Sea (UNESCO World Heritage). Depending on the pump connected to the FORU it takes in up to 20 m3 per hour. The oil will be pumped into a storage facility such as a container, barge or bladder.


Robust skimming system

Only mechanical parts

Floating independently

No inflow obstructions

Fast deployment

No assembling necessary

Capacity of 20 m3/h (depending on pump)

Proven high efficiency and oil recovery rate of 75% up to 100%

360 degrees adjustable inlet opening

Operates efficiently in rough waters (waves up to 1 m (3.3 ft)

Easy to handle and clean, no sheen during demonstration

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