Safety & Behaviour Training

limit a crisis situation

You are working in a field where there’s an extra focus on critical safety situations. This training is develloped for team’s to work more effective, efficient and more safe in times of crisis.

We’ll teach executives and employees to have more focus on safety by awareness of their behaviour. Participants also learn in what manner they can provide from certain behaviour.

This training is for executives and empolyees on operational level, different departments of the organization. For customers of Foru there is the possibility for extra attention towards oil spill response.

Safety & behavior

work more effective, efficient and more safe in times of crisis


We’ll request to fill in a digital DISC question list. A DISC provides a view in your behave and communication patterns.


During this interactive training you will learn how te behave in unsafe situations, with individual assignments and team activities.


Duration and location

This training is 2 working days and will be provided on location


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