It is not easy to keep track of where all your equipment is and when maintenance or replacement is necessary. Foru Solution can help you to record and schedule regular maintenance of your equipment. It is possible to use your own asset management software, but we can also supply our own package.

In addition to registering and keeping track of your oil spill equipment, Foru Solution will also be happy to advise you whether you can achieve your objectives with this.


Making sure you know what you have is key. Foru can help you achieve this. Not only will we help you make up an inventory, we will also assess the state of your equipment and propose a maintenance schedule.


Are you able to react when an oil spill occurs?

Every spill has it’s own characteristics an needs a different approach. This also comes into play when choosing equipment. Foru Solution can help you see if you have all possible spills covered with your current equipment.


Asset Management Software

Asset management software is a great tool when keeping track of equipment. Foru Solution offers an easy to use and flexible piece of software the enables you to keep track of everything from location to maintenance.

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