Over the past months, we have shared an inside look into Foru-Solution’s core values and goings on through our blogs. Today, we would like to do a small recap, highlighting our core business and explaining our story and products.

Never-ending development

Foru-Solution’s main goal has always been to achieve the highest possible oil recovery capacity while cleaning up more than 75% of oil. This high percentage ensures that oil is removed quickly and efficiently. Perfectionists at heart, we want to take our fully-fledged standalone skimmer to the next level, ensuring an up to 100% oil cleanup with a very high capacity. Therefore, we deem an ongoing, dynamic development process with continuous improvement at its core necessary.

Bridging an important gap

Regardless of comprehensive predetermined guidelines and measures, people often turn out to be insufficiently trained when oil spills occur. At Foru, we like to bridge the gap between theory and practice at an early stage. Therefore, we recommend that you draft a realistic, output-driven training plan. Train enough with your equipment to familiarize yourself with it, and determine how you will process any excess oil.

Practice and safety make perfect

As oil spills are as impactful as they are costly. It is wise to ensure that the theory of your well-thought-out contingency plan matches the reality of an oil spill. The key to achieving this is proper training. After all, preparation is everything. If you opt for the FORU, we will train your employees to use materials correctly, recognize obstacles, resolve any resulting issues, and work in a safe way. Also, every individual will know their role within the plan and will be allowed plenty of time to get acquainted with the FORU. After all, practice and safety make perfect!

Knowing is winning half the battle

If you invest in a cutting-edge solution like the FORU and you get off to a good start, service and maintenance will not be a costly endeavor. At FORU, we attach great value to the knowledge transfer process, which consists of three steps:

  • Live training
  • A comprehensive service and maintenance manual
  • Assembly

The latter means that the components of the FORU will be manufactured at our own location. Whereas the actual product can also be assembled by your local team that we will provide with all the required training.

From advanced simulations to an improved reality

As we believe that there is always room to improve an already-solid product we have decided to work with computer simulations. Our CFD analyses, simulation methods that analyze and solve problems involving fluid flows, help us optimize the FORU shape, which allows us to handle a broader range of oil types. Moreover, through our extensive tests, we can ensure that the FORU works top-notch in a variety of circumstances!

With flying colors

Throughout 2015 and 2016, we regularly traveled to the Norway Coast Guard facility to put the FORU to the test. The tests conducted were exciting – and, in fact, served as FORU demonstrations – as high oil-recovery scores are indispensable for skimmers. The FORU passed with flying colors! All test requirements were met, and we received positive comments whilst successfully passing the ASTM tests required for the US Coast Guard. For example, our skimmer managed to impress the highly experienced (retired) 70-year-old Norwegian engineer that was also present during the first tests conducted in 2000: he called it “’the best skimmer he had ever seen.”

The operational team was very positive again, as was the engineer responsible for drafting the test reports. The latter was especially pleased to see our meticulously detailed oil-spill-workshop-container, which is ready to set off for Colombia. All in all, we left the Scandinavian country with a ‘stamp of approval’, envisioning a bright future for the FORU!

Would you like to know more about the FORU? Are you curious to find out how it can help you perform damage control in the event of an oil spill? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to discuss the opportunities.


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