Foru-Solution has committed to a never-ending development process; we keep on searching for improvement. Currently, we are working with computer fluid dynamic (CFD) analyses, searching for ways to improve our already solid product. We’d like to tell you a bit more about this!

The ‘what’ and the ‘how’

CFD analyses, a simulation method that solves and analyzes problems that involve fluid flows, play a major role in our research. To conduct them properly and efficiently, we use an advanced program that helps us understand what is going on. This is allowing us to gain new insights and identify points for improvement.

The added value of computer simulations

The most important objective of our research is to optimize the shape of the FORU skimmers. With shape optimization we can ensure that our skimmers can handle a broader range of oil types. This ensures that the FORU works optimally in a variety of circumstances.

Testing facilities such as the facility from the Norwegian Coastal Administration, Kystverket, help to test or products. We can use this test facility a couple of times per year and gives us the opportunity to verify our models. When models are verified, we are able to perform more efficient tests to enhance quality.

With the help of CFD we can simulate an entire range of oil types, with the knowledge of these simulations we can better predict what our products capacity and efficiency will be in these different kinds of oil and thus saving time and reduce testing costs.

Why test a product that already works well?

We have decided to invest in this type of research because we want to become a leading expert in the area of oil spills. At Foru Solution, we strongly believe that the process of development and engineering is never over. That is why we never stop looking forward.


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