If you’ve invested in a cutting-edge solution such as the FORU, you’ll want to avoid additional – and often unexpected – service and maintenance costs. It’s important to realize that this will not be an issue if you get off to a good start. The key lies in knowledge transfer. Allow us to explain!

Knowledge transfer in three steps

The FORU is delivered with a two-year service and maintenance contract, meaning you’ll have a contact point if questions or issues arise. Furthermore, we attach great importance to the knowledge transfer process, which consists of three steps:


During a live training, your operators can gain a clear understanding of what to do – and what not to do – when working with the FORU. Technical details will be shown and explained thoroughly.


The FORU comes with a comprehensive service and maintenance manual explaining all you need to know about our oil spill solution. Does it raise any questions? No problem, you can contact us anytime.


If you’re outside the Netherlands and you plan on purchasing multiple FORUs, we will provide you with the opportunity to organize an intensive collaboration with your local team. After an initial training stage, they are good to go: they will be able to work with the FORU independently. In other words, the components of the product will be manufactured in the Netherlands, after which they will be shipped to your location. There, the FORU will be assembled by your team that will be provided with all the required training.

Always developing

We never cease to develop and improve our process. Currently, we are working on expanding our online support. Possible additions include instruction videos and live chats. Moreover, we always try to respond to any demands in this area. When it comes to knowledge transfer, flexibility is key, and we believe that the sky is the limit!


If you have any questions regarding this blog post or our products, please contact us!

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