FORU started a project with the European fund for regional development (EFRO) to develop a solution for oil on the water surface.


In recent years, Foru-Solution has worked on the development and marketing of an innovative system for removing oil pollution from seawater. In 2014, the FORU-340 was introduced as the company’s first product. It has now been proven that the developed FORU (Floating Oil Recovery Unit) skimmers are very effective, robust and efficient in combating oil pollution and this product is sold internationally as well as the smaller FORU-70.

This project is aimed at the development of a new generation of FORU-340, which is lighter and more compact and suitable for new application situations to enable wider market penetration.

Intended result

The intended result of the project is the development of a high-quality high-volume skimmer (cleaning capacity 340 m3 / hour) for the removal of oil from seawater. The intended skimmer must be lighter, more compact and cheaper than the current product, be suitable for a wide range of oil types and suitable for umbilical deployment.

Work to be performed

The work to be performed consists of three phases, namely:

  1. The development of a prototype of the envisaged compact high-volume skimmer with a wide range of applications and “umbilical deployment capability” (expansion and retraction using a floating drain hose / electricity cable);
  2. A test period in which tests are carried out with regard to the effectiveness for various types of oil or viscosities and for umbilical deployment with the prototype;
  3. The analysis of the collected data and the further development of the system into the intended end product based on this data.


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